Submit an abstract

The registration process:

  • Registration and abstract submission are part of the same process.
  • All conference presenters must register and submit an abstract using the conference website (
  • Everyone who submits an abstract will be invited to present a talk at the conference (unless you specify that you would prefer to present a poster).
  • Each registrant is limited to one oral presentation, and participation in one panel.
  • Over 70 sessions have already been proposed for the conference, and part of the registration process is for presenters to identify sessions in which their talk would fit (you might already have discussed this with session organisers – if so, note their session, but please identify other options as well).
  • Registrants are asked to look through more than 70 session proposals, and to rank the first, second and third sessions that best fits their abstract.
  • If your abstract does not fit into any proposed session, that is fine, the organisers will group unclassified abstracts into new sessions.  Please just tick the box “none of the above”. 
  • There is no guarantee that session requests will be granted, but the organisers will do everything they can to accommodate requests.
  • Sessions that do not receive sufficient abstracts will be amalgamated or dropped.
  • Sessions with many abstracts may be expanded, although the organisers will be contacted in advance.

Mentors and Mentees

  • At this year’s IAG/NZGS conference we are implementing a mentoring program.
  • The purpose of the program is to provide an informal opportunity for conversations between less experience and more experienced colleagues. We hope this relationship will serve as a catalyst for fruitful professional exchanges about research, job opportunities, professional dilemmas, etc. between seniors and newcomers to our discipline.
  • During registration, you will have the opportunity to choose to be a mentor, mentee, or both.
  • Providing sufficient numbers, the organisers will ensure that matches come from different institutions.
  • Once registration closes, matches will be introduced through email, with supporting documentation and opportunities identified.