Field Trips

Yarra Valley Field Trip

Date: Tuesday, 1st July
Time: 1pm -6pm
Cost: $50

On the Tuesday afternoon of the conference we are offering a geographical introduction to the beautiful Yarra Valley.  The trip will be visiting sites of general geographical interest.  The itinerary is still being finalised, but the trip will leave (in a bus) from the Conference venue immediately after lunch (at 1pm).

We will head east and visit:

  • Dights falls at the junction of the Yarra River and Merri Creeks (a site of remarkable convergence of geologies, and cultures – as it is near the site where ownership of the city of Melbourne was ‘negotiated’ with the traditional owners)
  • Rapidly expanding outer suburban Melbourne ( the contested ‘green wedge’ of the city)
  • A winery in the Yarra Valley (no end of flimsy geographical rationales – land-use conflict, tourism)
  • The mountain ash forests of the upper catchment (Melbourne’s closed catchment water supply, formerly the world’s tallest trees, will also visit an area recovering from the Black Saturday fires).

You will be back in Melbourne in time to get spruced up for the conference Dinner.