Session Proposals

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01   Asia Pacific Political Ecology
    Keywords: political ecology, Asia Pacific, regional approaches, environment
02   Austerity urbanism
    Keywords: austerity urbanism; economic geography; urban geography; welfare state
03   Border crossings: sovereignty, security and national subjectivities
    Keywords: Border, security, sovereignty, subjectivity
04   Geographies of Enthusiasm
    Keywords: Enthusiasm, Curiosity, Motivation, Research
05   China in Transition
    Keywords: China, geography, development, environment, challenges
06   Cities as Indigenous places: co-existence, rights and self-determination for Indigenous peoples
    Keywords: co-existence, rights, self-determination
07   Climate Change Adaptation and Post-Disaster Recovery: Governance, Citizenship and Agency
    Keywords: Climate change adaptation, post-disaster recovery, risk research, governance
08   Comparative Urbanism in the Australian Context
    Keywords: Comparative Urbanism; Urban Systems; Global Cities; Urban Economies; Comparative Planning
09   Contemporary Research in Indigenous People’s Rights and Knowledges
    Keywords: Indigenous peoples, rights, knowledges
10   Critical geographies of consumption, sustainability and waste
    Keywords: consumption; social practice; sustainability; waste
11   Decentralising environmental governance: methods and politics
    Keywords: participatory democracy, environmental management, stakeholder engagement, scientific tools
12   Delivering the Future – the role of Rural and Regional Australia and its close neighbours
13   Emotion, Affect, Embodiment and Place
14   Ethics and Methodology in Indigenous Geographical Research
    Keywords: Ethics, Methodology, Indigenous, Responsibility
15   Expanding Community Economies Theory and Practice
    Keywords: Community economies; relational geography; performative research
16   Gender, Sex, Space and Place
17   Gendered Dimensions of Disasters
    Keywords: gender, hazards, disasters, risk
18   Gendered Perspectives on Rurality: Enriching and Energising the Field
    Keywords: gender, rurality, feminist, masculinities
19   Geographical perspectives on climate justice
    Keywords: climate justice, climate change, environmental governance
20   Geographies of hazards, risks and disasters
    Keywords: Hazards, disasters, risk, resilience
21   Geographies of natural hazards and disasters in the Australia – Pacific region
    Keywords: Hazards, disasters, geography, Australia-Pacific
22   Indigenous participation in natural resource planning
    Keywords: Indigenous planning, Indigenous geographies, Indigenous co-management, Indigenous knowledge
23   Geographies of disaster in the Asia – Pacific region
    Keywords: Geography, disasters, Asia-Pacific region
24   Performances Of Religiosity In Urban Spaces: Anxieties, Tensions And Possibilities
    Keywords: religiosity, public space, affect, difference
25   Planetary Urbanisation: Antipodean perspectives

The Renaturalization of Relationality: new research interventions

27   Postcolonial planning and Indigenous peoples
    Keywords: postcolonial, planning theory, Indigenous planning, critical theory
28   Religious Heritage and Religious Professions in Contemporary South Asia – Continuity and Change
    Keywords: Religious heritage, religious professions, cultural production, sacred landscape, Asia
29   Researchers’ gold rush in the aftermath of major disasters: too much of an opportunity or serious lack of understanding?
    Keywords: research, disaster, ethics, paradigm
30   Surplus populations and the city
    Keywords: surplus populations, marginality, urban, critical geography
31   Sustainability in the Anthropocene
    Keywords: Anthropocene, sustainability, geography, boundaries
32   Sustainable Livelihoods and the Environment Nexus
    Keywords: sustainability; livelihoods; water-energy-food-climate nexus; spatial analysis
33 The Environment Fights Back! Hydrology, Management And Demand In Shanghai's Water Supply System
    Keywords: Shanghai, Water, Management, Environment
34   The Geography of Small Wars in the Asia-Pacific Region
    Keywords: Conflict, violence, Asia-Pacific, geography
35   The geopolitics of water in South Asia
    Keywords: South Asia, hydropolitics, transboundary, conflict
36   Tourism Geographies
    Keywords: Tourism; travel; leisure; migration
37   Uncovering policy worlds: the social and spatial lives of policy
    Keywords: Policy, knowledge, expertise, governance
38   Understanding citizenship as orientation; performing citizenship as intervention
    Keywords: citizenship, experimentation, sensory, creative practices
39   Women and Gender Geographies Roundtable
    Keywords: gender, women, life-work balance, career development
40   Fitting together: Exploring different perspectives on transport and mobilities
    Keywords: Transport, mobilities, diverse perspectives, collaboration
41   Climate-responsive cities
    Keywords: urban design, cities, climate, assemblage
42   Legal Geography: interrogating the scope of legal geographic perspectives in a post-modern, post-human and post-natural world
    Keywords: Law, Legal Geography, Hybridity, Post-world
43   Critical geographies of development
  Keywords: ‘critical development’, development practice, radical purpose, theoretical interventions
44   Putting assemblage to work for geographical research
    Keywords: Assemblage, agency, network, relationality
45   Indigenous Communities and Disaster Risk Reduction: To/Through/Beyond Hyogo Framework for Action 2015
  Keywords: Indigenous communities, disaster risk reduction, emergency management, environmental hazards
46   Revitalising feminist geographies and geographies of feminism
    Keywords: feminism, digital spaces, activism, gender
47   Social Justice, Urban Agriculture and Reconceptualising the City
    Keywords: Urban Agriculture, Social Justice, Cities, Transition
48   Nonhuman agency
    Keywords: agency; more-than-human; posthuman; environmental politics
49   Extending labour geographies
    Keywords:  labour, agency, place, workers
50   Geographies of urban encounter
    Keywords: urban geography; encounter; urban politics; urban governance
51   Moving, Sensing, Dwelling
    Keywords: mobilities; sense; dwelling; affect
52   New Directions in Cultural Geography
    Keywords: cultural geography; place; space; politics
53   Heritage Landscapes
    Keywords: Heritage, Landscapes, Regions, Planning schemes
54   Cities in Australia and New Zealand: perspectives on the southern turn in urban geography
    Keywords: cities, southern turn, Australia, New Zealand
55   Healthy places? Healthy lives?
    Keywords: Health geography, healthy cities, health determinants
56   (Un)bounding housing and home: economy, politics, environment
57   Mediated atmospheres
    Keywords: atmosphere, affect, technology, design
58   Geographical Pedagogies
    Keywords: teaching and learning, research, physical geography, human geography
59   Health Geography
    Keywords: Health, GIS, spatial epidemiology, social epidemiology
60   Academic work as radical purpose
    Keywords: development, critique, radical purpose, praxis
61   Australasian resource geographies: Geographical political economy perspectives
  Keywords: resource dependence, uneven development, resource geographies, geographical political economy
62   Approaching complex economies
    Keywords: Antipodean economic geography
63   Habitual cultivations: the vital pleasures of growing food
    Keywords: pleasure, gardening, farming, nonhuman others

Contested Cultural, Heritage and Tourism Landscapes of Asia & the Pacific


Keywords: Heritage, Culture, Tourism, Livelihoods


Negotiating sexuality in the field: gendered and emotional performances


Grappling with technologies in academia: how ICTs have infiltrated the academy


Tourism in Oceania and Australasia: what future(s)?


Keywords: tourism futures, sustainable development, Indigenous tourism, government policies


Effects of changing fire regimes on ecosystems and landscape processes


Environment, Development and Mobilities

70   Geographical Information Systems
    Keywords: GIS applications, innovation

Resilience and policy (or: the politics of resilience?): Risk devolution – anarchy – ethics

    Keywords: Reslilience, Risk, Ethics, Governance, Community
    Keywords:Infrastructure; Sustainable planning; Governance; Spatial dimensions
Keywords: Spatial data management; spatial information; spatial data infrastructure; crowd sourcing. 
    Keywords: Energy transition, community renewable energy, diverse economies, action research

Critical Geographies of Education

    Keywords: education, schools, university, teachers
76   Challenging Hetero / Homonormativities in Homespaces

Transforming sustainability: Questioning the past legacies, and creating new grounds for thinking and action